PLT Pick: Victoria’s Secret Laundry Detergent & Dryer Sheets

Victoria’s Secret never fails to surprise me. While shopping in VS and standing in line at the cashier, I discovered the new laundry liquid detergent & dryer sheets set. I picked them up, and with minimal convincing from the lovely cashier, I uncontrollably found myself adding these two to my shopping basket.

I heard that VS used to sell these, but they disappeared for a bit and now they’re back again. I’ve also heard that they’ve sold out in certain stores! So what’s so special about their laundry detergent? Here’s my little review after using it for the first time.

Laundry detergent
It’s 3x concentrated, which means you can use less detergent for the same amount of load. But it doesn’t really matter anyway since the bottle is pretty small compared to regular laundry detergent. The fragrance is really distinct and smells really good out of the bottle, but after washing the clothes really just smell like regular clean laundry.

Gentle Liquid Detergent (24 fl oz), $14 from Victoria’s Secret

Dryer Sheets
I was looking forward to the dryer sheets more than the detergent. The scent is so strong that it makes you think that all your clothes will end up having the same sweet-smelling VS scent after using it. I only used one sheet for a fairly large load, but I was a little disappointed that the scent wasn’t that distinct in the end. (I was expecting the kind of scent strength that you find in the in-store A&F clothings). You’ll probably have to use more than a sheet if you want something to that effect (don’t forget it costs $12 for only 40 sheets!) Also, one of the features that was emphasized on the box was static control. In case you didn’t know, all dryer sheets can provide static control, so there really isn’t much special about these VS sheets. If you want your clothes to smell nice, Bounty with Febreeze will do as well and at a much lower price.

Softening Dryer Sheets (40 sheets), $12 from Victoria’s Secret

My conclusion is: the liquid detergent is okay, but the dryer sheets are definitely not worth the price. But if you’re a VS fan and would like to try it out, I haven’t been able to locate them on their site, so check out your local store. To find your nearest VS store, check out their store locator.

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