Dripping Galaxy Nails (with tutorial)

Otorb Sapphire Grim Bracelet by Luzid Designs

Haven’t posted my nail art tutorials in a while now! In my latest design, I used nail vinyl stencils for the first time, they’re so easy to use and great for complicated designs!

Although Halloween is over a month ago, this dripping design is so much more than just a bloody Halloween design — just by adding a little imagination, you can create a variety of “dripping” styles like dripping ice cream or these dripping galaxy nails which I’ve done.

These dripping stencils plus other vinyl & stencils designs by Whats Up Nails are available from Pretty Lil Nails, exclusive retailer in Hong Kong! Don’t forget that Pretty Lil Things readers can enjoy 5% off plus free worldwide shipping upon purchase of HK$200 or more by using the coupon code PRETTYLILTHINGS!

Check out my full tutorial below!

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